Smart CallerID 3.0.6


Excellent picture for incoming calls!

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Starksoft Smart CallerID allows us to establish high-resolution photos for caller as well as:
1) Display a notification after the end of an outgoing call with the contact information and call duration
2) Notifies the loss / finding the network, as well as the inclusion of flight mode
3) Intercepts outgoing calls, protecting it from accidental dialing (with the possibility exceptions or complete shutdown of this function)
4) When switched radio offers to include it in an outgoing call

on some devices not working reject and/or receive calls, it is because google has blocked the opportunity for third-party applications, but a solution is found:

In order to application has earned the following steps (you need Root without him will not work, thank Google, I've been impotent)
The easiest way to use the ® Root Explorer to install it in / system / app (You can in other ways), first remove an application from the folder /data/app
1) in Root Explorer copy apk to be installed
2) navigate to the folder /system/app
3) Click mount r\w
4) Insert the apk
5) Find the copied file, long tap on it select the Permissions 9 checkboxes: put these flags: User read, write Group read Others read is Listing in our tethers. apk to be the same permissions as the rest. apk (rw-r - r -)
6) reboot
All actions you perform at your own risk!

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